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      Maura comes from a family of experienced cooks and bakers.
      Fresh out of college, Maura was one of the first entrepreneurs to start a line of fruit juice-sweetened cookies.  She donated part of her profits from each sale towards helping animals.  Her four flavors of gourmet cookies caught on quickly, were sold throughout California and ultimately gained national distribution. 

      Maura was featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Bon Appetit and the Los Angeles Times, not only for her healthy products, but also for her leadership in supporting other young entrepreneurs navigate their way into the business world.

      Passion for a healthy lifestyle and her love of animals and nature have always been a big part of who Maura is.

      "I hope you enjoy my Better - A Butter Alternative, my MAURA BAR line, and my expanding line of vegan products.  If you would like to receive new recipes through our monthly newsletter, please sign up below.  I'd love to hear from you!"